Is Glass Stair Railing Safe

Is Glass Stair Railing Safe

Thinking about getting a glass stair railing installed, but not sure whether it is safe or not? Well, glass railings are one of the trending alternatives to wooden handrails and spindles and we all know why. These railings not just have a stunning visual impact, but also adds openness and make spaces feel bigger, and facilitate light flow. Glass is often considered one of the most luxurious options that add value to a home when designed and installed properly. And when it comes to safety concerns, it is as safe as any other railing type, considering it is installed correctly and maintained properly.

Often when people are looking to upgrade their home railing, glass is one of the top choices. Without a doubt, glass railings for stairs are one of the most elegant options.

What Makes Glass Railing a Safe Choice?

With glass railings for stairs, you can rest assured that it is one of the safest choices you can make. The below pointers will justify what makes glass railing a safe choice for stairs:

  • Made of thick tempered glass
  • Anchored with solid steel brackets.
  • Impossible for children or pets to squeeze through.
  • Relatively harmless even if it breaks.

Stair glass railings at Vista Verre are made up of tempered glass, which is 4x stronger than regular glass. And thus, it is very hard to break. Tempered glass is very hard to break and even if it breaks due to some external reasons, it falls into relatively harmless, small granular pieces. Moreover, professionals make use of durable steel brackets and fasteners to anchor the glass panels that make it incredibly strong and provide structural integrity that won’t be compromised over time.

Now that you know how safe glass railings are, it is time to get them installed at your place. And the Vista Verre team can help you get beautiful glass railings for your stairs, balconies, poolside fences, etc. We are a tempered glass expert and focus on the best quality and finest services. For more details, feel free to visit our website i.e., Or you can get on a call with our experts at 450-668-5502 and share your requirements with our team directly.